Pai-Shau's Zohar Paz and Safir Shnayderman
Pai-Shau's Zohar Paz and Safir Shnayderman

Pai-Shau, the new professional beauty brand founded by CEO Zohar Paz, former CEO of Moroccanoil, takes its name from the Portuguese word for passion, paixão. The product line is launching with five haircare products in three different sizes: salon retail, travel / sample and salon backbar and the formulas feature a Signature Exotic Tea Complex. Paz is committed to anti-diversion and will distribute in salons and spas only, with no web sales. MODERN SALON spoke with Paz and Safir Shnayderman, chief operating officer at Pai-Shau, to explore the background behind the brand and the philosophy guiding them.

MS: Pai-Shau combines traditional tea ingredients and ancient rituals with modern scientific advances. Share the story behind the development of Pai-Shau.

ZP: I was in Vietnam on a trip and took a guided tour with my wife. The guide was talking about her life and she shared with me that her yearly salary is $600. This amazed me and I asked if I could visit her village and see how she lives. So we drove about 90 minutes and walked another hour to reach her home. She showed me where villagers were boiling down a mixture of teas in a huge vat and explained that they would use this mixture to get really shiny, soft hair and skin. I took some of the leaves and when I got home, I met with my chemist and we started to develop the formula.

One day, when the brand really takes off, we will come back to that village.

MS: What has been the initial response to the brand?

SS: We have really invested a great deal in positioning ourselves in the best possible way. Our booth is exciting and luxurious and that is image we want to cast to the professional market. We just came back from the Premiere Orlando show and I woke up this morning to 123 emails from people we met who were really enthusiastic about what they were seeing with Pai-Shau. They are trying it and are impressed with the performance so we are extremely confident after receiving all these requests.

MS: Your company philosophy is “Passion for Performance, Passion for Life, Passion for People.” Tell us about your Passion for Life Foundation.

SS: On our website, there is a tab called ‘Sponsor My Passion” and it’s a place where anyone can submit their dream or passion and on a quarterly basis, we will pick an individual and help them to fulfill their dream. It follows our philosophy and also the belief that we are here for only a limited time and we really want to leave something behind.

ZP:  We really believe in this industry. We wanted to bring something completely new and different with Pai-Shau and we felt like it was the right time for it but we also wanted to give back. This philosophy of passion is our guideline and everything we do will be around it.

Starting in late 2015, there are plans to include cutting education classes, hands-on as well as digital platforms. Talk about Pai-Shau education.

SS: We have five wet line products that don’t require excessive education but we do want hairdressers to know about the different teas and their properties. Our ‘hero’ product is Biphasic Infusion, a hydrating concentrate that adds shine and rejuvenates hair. It is really unique and you have to shake it to activate. It contains a ‘breakable’ silicone that can be more easily broken down and washed out.

ZP:  We found from the past that you have to be more than a style company. That is why we will be supporting with education and offering cutting and styling classes, too.

The full national launch of Pai-Shau will take place in September/October of 2015. Selected distributors will be allowed to preview the line in August/September including New York and Florida. Distributors selected throughout the country will be exclusive to their markets.

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