Stylist Spotlight: Bio Ionic's Rebecca Taylor
Stylist Spotlight: Bio Ionic's Rebecca Taylor

Rebecca Taylor is the founder and leader of Vivid Education. When not working on editorial projects, webinars and tutorials, she’s constantly on the road—bringing her unique brand of coloring to salons all over the world.

Taylor has been styling and coloring hair in the beauty industry for the past 10 years and loves every bit about making people feel beautiful. She finds inspiration for her work everywhere, she says. “I see everything as potential haircolor. I don’t have any limits with fashion colors or fantasy colors. There’s no limitations with what I can create.”

Followed by more than 150k stylists on Instagram and Facebook, Taylor is a leader in ‘fashion color’ education and artistry. “In society today, everyone is so quick to become famous—they are so obsessed with their number or their exposure,” she says. “I think it’s important for your average stylist to first hone your craft and become really good at what you do. Social media is important, but also become good first, then worry about getting your work out there and being exposed.”

Taylor also says never stop learning. “Trends are coming out all the time—if you think you know it all you limit yourself and you’re not going to continue to move along with the climate of the industry. You get good by practicing, experimenting, educating yourself and staying humble.”

In this exclusive interview with Taylor, she speaks more about what inspires her, and offers more advice on how to be a successful stylist or colorist in the beauty industry.

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