The Wella Studio team of educators, all in one place, gather for a photo opp: Diego Raviglione,...
The Wella Studio team of educators, all in one place, gather for a photo opp: Diego Raviglione, Frank Andrade, Lynette Tatum, Michelle Catalanello, Victoria Thurman Hall and David Nieves. (photo credit: Nick Berardi)Nick Berardi

The North American Wella Studios, with locations in Los Angeles, New York and Toronto, and a Wella Atelier Studio in Miami, offer education to elevate the professional hairdresser at any stage of his or her career.

The Artistic Manager for The Wella Studios, Diego Raviglione works with and oversees the core Studio team of educators to ensure that the classes, seminars and special events are constantly evolving while also staying in touch with the Wella education foundation, fundamentals and philosophy. At the Studios, technical mastery meets inspiration and hairdressers are encouraged to discover what fires their imagination.

“Sometimes we struggle as artists with putting what we have in our minds and in our creative hearts onto a head of hair,” says Raviglione. “Once you are armed with and become strong in the three disciplines—cut, color and styling—you can take these skills and settle into your own style and your own way of doing things.”

Raviglione, a long-time Wella Top Stylist and educator, works with the Wella Top Stylists, the elite team of hairdressers representing Wella to the world, to brainstorm new classes and strengthen their core offerings. “We have Aubrey Loots, for instance, teaching Backstage Pass which deals with Editorial Styling. When you are working with designers, what they want is very, very specific. This class hones your skills so you are able to pull out all your techniques, on command.”

 Classes in business building are also offered and evenings at the Studios might feature industry influencers and leaders who share their story, expertise and insight. In New York, Wella relocated the Studio to the heart of SoHo, the city’s creative center. “When you surround yourself with that culture it is a reminder of what an incredible craft we are engaged in.”

Raviglione recently attended the graduation of a Master Color Expert Program at the Woodland Hills, CA Studio location. This program features a ratio of eight students to one educator to allow for individualized attention. “It’s one of our most successful programs and graduates are able to increase their salon revenue by up to 33 percent.”

In his new-ish role—he was appointed in November 2014—Raviglione plans to get out to salons to meet different artists and salon owners. 

 “It is an act of will to stay inspired and one of my greatest inspirations is to feed off of other people,” says Raviglione. “We are so busy in our day to day lives as hairdressers and I look at The Studios as a creative sanctuary. Here, you can look within and start to think about what inspires you as an artist. You can have all the technical skills but it’s so important to take the time to sit down and discover your ‘Big Bang,’ creatively. I’m so happy being in the studio because it allows me to protect the integrity of the artist and give them a place to realize those big ideas.”


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