101dalmatians for Getty Images
101dalmatians for Getty Images

Nearly 90 percent of people experience sleeping problems, and one in three rarely get a full night’s sleep, according to a study published by Digital Hub. We lie awake most often because of stress, anxiety, needing to use the bathroom, being too hot or having pain.


But our bed partners also keep us awake. We may love them, but their 10 most common “bed crimes” (and ours, too) are:

  1. Snoring
  2. Frequently changing sleep positions
  3. Frequent trips to the bathroom
  4. Coming to bed at a different time
  5. Watching TV in bed
  6. Hogging the blanket 
  7. Hogging the bed
  8. Grinding teeth
  9. Using a cell phone, tablet or laptop
  10. Throwing the sheets off one side


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