Mark Buston (@MarkBustos) is a special guy. A VERY successful hairdresser, Bustos is booked back to back earning $175/cut at his base, the Three Square Studio in NYC. But on his day off Bustos goes out into the homeless community and approaches the needy to offer free haircuts. He has cut hundreds of street people, touching both their hearts and souls.

MODERN met with Bustos at The Millennium Experience in Scottsdale, Arizona, to learn more about his #BeAwesomeToSomebody campaign. Many members of the audience wiped tears from their eyes as he shared his journey and his devotion to the homeless.

Bustos is expanding the initiative with a call to action for all salons to open their doors on May 1, 2016 to offer free services to the homeless. "And make sure to spend as much time on these 'clients' as you would on paying clients," says Bustos. "This should not be treated as 'practice.' You're either expensive or free, never cheap." Bustos is also taking his helping the homeless tour on the road this September as he goes from city to city to help the needy.

In the event you missed our Periscope interview, here it is! Learn more about Bustos and the May 1, 2016 event in this video.



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