Miriam Ortega (@studio410artonhair), owner and hair artist of Studio 410, located in the heart of the "bishop arts district", in  Dallas, Texas, had an opportunity with Monica. "She came in with literally orange, lifeless, brittle hair," says Ortega. "She wanted to go back to a brunette yet keep some of the lighter pieces as well. This called for a balayage make over." Here she shares the HOW TO:

Step 1: Section the hair into 4 equal sections.


Step 2: Begin with lowlights. Mix 4 oz of Wella Color Charm 6A permanent equals parts with 20 volume. Add 8 drops of grey magic and 1/8 of Olaplex step 1. Apply starting from the the back bottom sections, Take 1/4 inch slices, applying in foils, taking 1/4 slices through out all four sections.


Step 3: Tease the remaining hair from new growth to two inches down. Apply 6A from her new growth to the two inches down (ONLY THE TEASED PARTS) 


Step 4:  Process with no heat for 15-20 minutes.Rinse hair, no shampoo, comb hair out and blow dry to about 60-70% dry 


Step 5:  Mix 2oz of 7N & 7A Wella Color Charm demi, with equal parts 10vol. Apply all over hair 


Step 6: Process at room temperature for 5-9 minutes. Watch carefully. Rinse hair, no shampoo, apply Step 2 of Olaplex combing through. Allow to process with a processing cap with no heat for the minimum of 10 minutes. Rinse hair shampoo and condition, style out using Catwalk Your Highness Root Boost, Kenra Blow Dry Spray and TIGI Head Rush.




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