July Challenge Participants Share How They’d Spend Their “Extra 10 Minutes”!

by Rosanne Ullman | July 19, 2015
 Take A Pix Media for Getty Images
Take A Pix Media for Getty Images

Our Healthy Hairdresser Challenge this month has been a lot of fun! Participants are asked to tell us how they would spend an extra 10 minutes a day. Sponsored by Kenra, the Challenge highlights the time-saving benefits of the brand’s Platinum Blow-Dry Spray, and our first 200 participants will receive the product free. 


We love the responses that are coming in! You busy hairdressers would really appreciate 10 extra minutes. The most common ways you say you’d spend those minutes include more time with family and pets, sleeping, quiet time for yourself, meditating, exercising and doing your own hair. Here’s just a small sample of your comments:


Spend the time asking everyone in my family to tell me about the low & high points of their day. (They hate that!)


Connect on a personal level with my team. Really dive into what makes them tick. Let them know that I have extra time for them.


Breathe and assess carefully what I am about to do to my client’s hair instead of rushing because I’m starving or have little time.


Just thinking of positive thoughts. Just about Me!! Then off to hair I go.


Practice ergonomic stretching from head to toe. It’s so important for hairstylists to stretch, and we tend to forget about it.


Take a brisk walk with my family. That way we could spend quality time together as well as enjoy the health benefits of the walk.


Sit and meditate to prepare me for my day or to relax and reflect after a long day at the salon..


I would have one of our salons apprentices give me a great shampoo at the end of my day. There is something so magical that happens to your mind and soul when someone else gives you a great shampoo and head massage.


Research products for my clients and find out things that could make them happier and feel better about themselves.


Make a list of challenges and achievements. It helps to stay humble, but it’s important not to forget how far you have come.


Reading. I love reading of any kind! Books, blogs, articles—whatever subject interests me that day.


I would get on my paddleboard, which clears my mind and opens it for creativity and personal growth!


Hug my kids a little longer so I don’t feel so guilty having to be working so hard.


Spend it with my boyfriend! We both work full time, on opposite shifts, so we don’t get to spend much time together.


Make a healthy fruit smoothie for breakfast and prepare a very veggie-filled salad to take to work for lunch/dinner.


Laugh 10 more minutes each day.


Ride my horse.


Call my grandmother.


I would spend five more minutes kissing my husband—because life is too short not to take that for granted!—and another five minutes to take care of myself to be healthy and feel confident!! 


I would get more sleep. I feel like that's where I always take time from.


I would apply sunblock to all exposed areas of my body.



Add your thoughts to the list! Go to our July Healthy Hairdresser Challenge before it ends on July 31!



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