Gina Rivera, founder of Phenix Suites
Gina Rivera, founder of Phenix Suites

Gina Rivera, founder of Phenix Suites, posts a business tip on the company’s website ( every week as a handy resource for the solo artists who rent suite space from the organization. Here’s an excerpt—check the site regularly for more.

According to Rivera, wise spending is the foundation of every successful business.  When developing your budget and spending patterns, work off of the three Ns: Is it necessary? Is it needed? Or, is it nice?

First, develop a detailed list. Rivera says it’s dangerous to create a budget without one. Then, systematically place each item in one of the N categories.

  • Necessary items are one that are required to do your job. For a hairstylist, this would include shears, blowdryer and basic tools of the trade. These are items that are easily identifiable.
  • Needed items include things that are important and will contribute to your business growth. For example, a business card.  These items will not prevent you from performing your required career tasks, but they will help you gain momentum and build business.
  • Nice items involve things like updating your working space with new furniture or décor.  These are things that definitely make working more enjoyable and may even appeal to clients, but they are not necessary to perform your job, and they may only contribute minimally to business growth.

Once you have categorized all the items, price them, prioritize them within their category and develop a timeline, based on revenue and when you can make purchases. Then, start spending wisely, control your spending and keep a long-term plan in place.



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