(Left to right) Patrick McIvor and Nick Arrojo
(Left to right) Patrick McIvor and Nick Arrojo

Throughout my career, salon professionals often ask me for advice on how to be a platform artist who also teaches and gets to do editorial work too, while also being able to work in the salon!! And, I always  joke with them that they want the Willy Wonka Golden Ticket…the magic ticket that opens up the world that can change your life forever, if you do all the right things. Well I just got out of a meeting, and for the first time I think I found the Golden Ticket for those who are willing to work hard enough and really truly want a whole new world of opportunity.

Right Place, Right Time

I've been watching a lot of TedTalks, as usual, and one that I saw recently was done by a very successful venture capitalist that invested in dozens and dozens of start ups and wanted to know why some succeed and some failed. Obviously, when he invested he explained that he thought all of them would succeed or else he wouldn't have wasted his time and money. He also knew they all had the same good factors for success - good people, well funded, good ideas, good market conditions/timing, etc.

So they analyzed each business, and rated each of the variable factors giving them scores based on whose team was stronger, whose was better funded, whose idea was more original/catchy and the timing/market conditions. And do you know what the single greatest indicator for success was? People-no, funding-no, the idea? No! The single biggest indicator for success was timing, not being ahead of your time and not waiting too long either, and this is proven time and time again, you don't need to be first, you need the right timing.

Now is That Time

At ARROJO right now, the timing could not be better for those who want to challenge themselves to be the best, work with the best and be part of a force in our industry that is now laying the ground work for a legacy you can be a part of. What's great about this opportunity is ARROJO is growing in all aspects of our industry, from schools to salons, education and products. For individuals looking to join our industry, that means we will now have two schools, so our award winning ARROJO Cosmo Schools will have more opportunity to offer seats in our often sold out classes for those looking to set themselves up for success by learning from the best. 

For new salon professionals and recent graduates, it means we have more opportunity training associates/assistants to achieve their dreams of becoming top New York City based stylists or colorists and living the dream of working with fashionable guests, famous celebrities, models and more. And with 2 new salons, and now over 30,000 square ft. of ARROJO Salon Professional Space at ARROJO SOHO, ARROJO Tribeca and ARROJO Williamsburg, we are also looking for top stylists and colorists who want to challenge themselves, and make our team even better. 

Living the Dream

There's an expression, “Be careful what you wish for because you might just get it.” They usually say that because most people don't realize it's not the prize you are after, and as most lottery winners will tell you, even if you win millions of dollars if you don't know how to handle success or money it can go away just as fast as it came. That's what I love about the ARROJO culture, it is built for your success with education going on everyday for the team members to make sure we are set up for success, outside education events that constantly challenges us to make sure we stay at the top of our industry, and photo shoots that allow us to see our work in new ways while others in our industry celebrate your images too.

So, if now is your time and you have what it takes, look for the platform you need to create the success you want, and if you’re interested in taking the ride of your life, I know just the ticket.

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