How-To: Tousled Mohawk Braid by Rebecca Taylor

It's pretty safe to say that Rebecca Taylor (@vividartistichairdesign) is most well-known for her impressive haircoloring skills, but that's not to say she isn't very talented in the styling realm, too.

Taylor works with the moody blue haircolor she created as guest artist for Pravana to create this wearable, feminine-meets-edgy mohawk braid. Take a look at the steps and video below!

Get the look: Tousled mohawk braid

Prep: Start with Pravana Nevo Invisible Control Maniupulator Mist on damp hair. This provides thermal protection, control, memory and texture.

Then apply Nevo Hydra Pearl Replenishing Hair Oil on midlengths to ends for shine and conditioning.

STEP 1: Blowdry hair smooth and flatiron with a twist through ends.

STEP 2: Part out a mohawk section. 

STEP 3: Dutch braid the mohawk section.

STEP 4: Tug on the braid to loosen.

STEP 5: Spray Nevo Super Shape hairspray on sides of the hair to create texture and grip.

STEP 6: Twist back side sections and use a clear elastic to secure. 

STEP 7: Fasten sides beneath braid.

STEP 8: Wrap strands around braid and remove ends.

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