The Ten Commandments of Haircolor

Leland, industry innovator, founder of Haircolor USA, founder of Artec, former salon owner and entrepreneur has been taking a break from the salon industry this past decade working on private projects, collecting art and enjoying life. But he has decided to come back to us and is planning to launch something new and exciting. It's still quite hush hush but we will let you know the second WE know!

MODERN met with him recently and chatted about his original "Ten Commandments of Haircolor" that were introduced at Haircolor USA, circa 1995.  Then (and now) Leland emphasized the importance of proper terminology in the haircolor world, comparing it to other professions: "For example: surgeons don't say 'I am going to cut you open,' they say, 'I’m going to make an incision.'  Dentists don't say 'I’m going to pull your teeth,' they say I’m going to do an extraction.' These commandments demonstrate a more professional way to speak to your salon clients, so they have more confidence in you and your expertise."

Here are the original Ten Commandments of Haircolor. Let's see what has held up over the past 21 years:

1.     Thou shall not say roots, it shall be said regrowth

2.     Thou shall not say fillers, it shall be said re-pigment

3.     Thou shall not say peroxide, it shall be said developer

4.     Thou shall not say bleach, it shall be said lightener

5.     Thou shall not say gray hair, it shall be said un-pigmented hair

6.     Thou shall not say frosting or weaves, it shall be said highlighting

7.     Thou shall not highlight hair with straight brushes in straight lines – break the mechanics

8.     Thou shall be creative – follow your instincts – create your own reality

9.     Thou shall never say dye hair, it shall be said hair coloring

10.  Thou shall never take thy profession in vain, you are the hair colorist, the creator of reality for your profession


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