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Kristi Waldrop (@Kristi_Mac_of_Hair) a stylist/makeup artist at Head Rush Salon in Gonzales, Louisiana, wows us with this ice/blue to white colormelt. Here she shares the how-to:


Lightening formula: Keune bleach + 20 volume developer + 1/4 oz. of Olaplex

Blend a custom shade using Keune Color:

Formula 1: 20g 0/11 (Ash Blue) + 3g 0/10 (Blue) + 1g 0/77 (Violet)

Formula 2: 45g Silver + 15g 0/11

Formula 3: 60g Silver + 1g 0/11


Step 1: Lighten hair using Keune Bleach with 20 volume developer and Olaplex. Lift the hair to a pretty pale yellow.

Step 2: Tone using 25g 10.2 Keune Tinta + 10g 9.2 Keune Tinta with double 10 developer. Process for 10-15 minutes and then wash and dry.

Step 2: Section hair into your four basic quadrants.

Step 3: Apply Formula 1 at the new growth, Formula 2 through the mid-length, and Formula 3 through the ends to create a soft gradient of shadows.

Step 4: Process for 20 minutes. Rinse with cold water. Shampoo and condition with Jellua Squid Ink Active Shampoo and Jellua Squid Ink Repair Treatment Cream.

Step 5: Apply Kevin Muphy "Smooth Again" and Kevin Murphy "Hair Resort" to hair when wet.


When applying fashion colors saturation is a must! If you do not take your time on the application your end result will look splotchy!

Use Kevin Murphy "Fresh hair" (dry shampoo) to spread out washes. The less you wash your hair, the longer the color lasts.


Clients return 6-8 weeks after their hair is colored for touch ups.

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