Marco Pelusi, celebrity colorist, salon owner, educator, platform artist and entrepreneur, wears many hats and keeps many plates spinning at the same time. When you are in his chair, however, you receive his full attention. His serenity and focus are the result of looking ahead and planning, something that doesn’t always come easy to "artistic types."  Pelusi shares what he feels is a sometimes overlooked but all important aspect to a hairdresser’s success—an organized and controlled schedule.

“I think it’s essential for a stylist to take control of their book or they are always just reacting, and never really in control of their own time,” Pelusi says.

Pre-Book: “Make sure to pre-book as much as possible.  Of course, you want to accommodate the client but I would work towards getting them on a six month plan and help them to look ahead.”

Come from a truthful place:  “It’s not about manipulating someone but about guiding them.  You can say, “We’ll do this today—a few highlights—and then the next time we’ll do this…’ and talk to them about the different services you are going to do with them at the upcoming visit.”

Left brains can get organized:  “I know it’s challenging for hairdressers who think they are only visual and left brained people but a little organization goes a long way. You can be less stressed if you have more structure. We all know stylists who overbook themselves and then don’t do their best work. They are too rushed and they didn’t allow enough time to really take care of their guest.”

You can relax in the structure:  “If you plan accordingly, you should be even busier.  Just like a good haircut, even though you see so much variety and different layers, there was a thought-out methodology and structure under it. A more organized schedule allows you to do better work.”

Confirm: “This is HUGE.  You will be surprised how often people will want to move a time.  Make confirmation calls (or have an assistant make them) twice a week or at the beginning of the week. If you’re in a salon and the receptionist is booking for you, make sure you talk to them and are clear about what is scheduled.  And when you make those calls, it’s a great time to mention that you are offering some seasonal treatments or add-on services that might be of interest.  You can even do a little consultation during the confirmation call so that there are fewer surprises when they come in.”

Final word:  “I’ve seen a lot of independent stylists who are footloose and fancy free and don’t use their time well.  But time is money.  You want to have less stress so you and your guest can relax and enjoy the experience.”







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