TIGI: High-Fashion Creative Color
TIGI US Technical Creative Director Richy Kandasamy
TIGI US Technical Creative Director Richy Kandasamy
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TIGI: High-Fashion Creative Color
TIGI US Technical Creative Director Richy Kandasamy
TIGI US Technical Creative Director Richy Kandasamy

Who We Are

TIGI’s Copyright Colour allows colorists to create an infinite number of shades from fundamental to the most creative results, enabling them to push their artistry. Shades can be used alone or intermixed, even between permanent and demipermanent shades to create iridescent, high-shine soft, permanent results.


First Person

TIGI U.S. Technical Creative Director Richy Kandasamy details anticipated fall launches.


Tracking Trends

As a company, we stay up to date with fashion and street culture. We update color trends from season to season as they change, always able to work within current and future trends. When we educate, we always make sure the color complements the cut, the client’s skin tone, complexion and lifestyle. It’s not about just creating a great shade, but creating the perfect color to complement your client’s total look and lifestyle.


White Hot

One of our best-selling products in TIGI Copyright Colour is True Light White. This is a great lightening powder, allowing for seven levels of lift. During the lightening process, it conditions the hair with the added benefits of sugar crystals, amino acids and chamomile. The white base allows the colorist to see every aspect of the lifting process, to see the undertone at each level.


Fall Launches

We are launching cool, antique golds, vintage rose-golds and chocolate suedes this autumn. These opulent shades will add a touch of luxury to your haircolor services. These eight shades create head-turning, desirable hair, are  flattering to the complexion and promise to be hugely popular with clients who are looking to indulge this season. Along with the introduction of these shades, we will also have new techniques like Diffused Silhouette and Contour Lightening to inspire the stylist.


“Our color is beyond fantastic because you always get predictable end results. More importantly, TIGI education supports the salon by helping them to grow their business and inspire the staff creatively and financially.” —RICHY KANDASAMY


Formulation for Success

TIGI formulations are structured as follows:

  • Levels: 1/0- black, 2/0- darkest brown, 3/0- dark brown, 4/0- brown, 5/0- light brown; 6/0- dark blonde, 7/0- blonde, 8/0- light blonde, 9/0- very light blonde, 10/0- extra light blonde
  • Tones: /0- natural, /1- blue, /2- violet, /3- gold, /4- copper, /5- mahogany, /6- red, /7- green


Brand Basics

Online: tigiprofessional.com


Professional hotline: 800.259.8596


Follow us:

Facebook: TIGIProfessional

Instagram: tigicreatives

Twitter: tigicreatives

YouTube: TIGIProfessional


Advanced academy: TIGI Advanced Hairdressing Academy, Soho, New York City; TIGI Learning Lab, Lewisville, Texas


Color educators: Christel Lundqvist, TIGI Global Technical Creative Director; Richy Kandasamy, TIGI US Technical Creative Director; Renee Valerie, TIGI US Technical Education Director; Robert Banyaga, TIGI Learning Lab Technical Director; Brian Adelman, TIGI Technical Educator



  • TIGI Academy Collection 2015
  • TIGI Collection 2016

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