The Mermaid Melt

Kasey O'Hara Skrobe (@hairbykaseyoh) of The Hair After, Westminster, Maryland says that it wasn't easy getting everyone to be brave enough to do the bold colors in her small town. "Now over 80% of my clientele has mermaid hair or bold colors! I am a color specialist but vivids are my passion. Most of my clients give me free reign to do any colors, and this look wasn't so different."

For this client, Skrobe says "She said she wanted me to make it look like the blue was her natural color, with all the different peices and shades - like it could be from the sun. She had some roots and her ends needed to be lifted just a few shades (from the gray blue last time)."

Here Skrobe shares the HOW TO:

STEP 1: Apply @jackwinncolor #brilliantlightner with 20 volume on her roots. Process for 5 minutes and then apply to ends. Rinse and then shampoo twice with purple shampoo. No Condition. Dry the hair.

STEP 2: Prepare the following shades: Manic Panic Shocking Blue with a touch of Arcticfox Purple Rain (as a root base.) Also prepare Manic Panic Blue Steel, Aquamarine and Purple Rain by Arcticfox.

STEP 3: Apply the root base color over the roots and bring down an inch into the lengths. 

STEP 4: Starting at the bottom, apply each shade blending into the root.  Apply downward in horizontal sections to create all the different layers of color as you move the hair.

STEP 5: Process for 30 minutes, then rinse with COLD water. No shampoo. Dry and style as normal. My favorite styling products are Label.M finishing oil and Kenra Blow Dry Spray.



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