Prelightened hair and finished masterpiece.  (photo credit: Robin Del Toro)
Prelightened hair and finished masterpiece. (photo credit: Robin Del Toro)Robin Del Toro

Robin Del Toro (@ms_robinita) had a client come in who granted every colorist's wish-- her client gave her full creative control. "I had been wanting to replicate a beautiful summer sunset, and I knew when I saw the red in my client's hair that I'd have to stay within that family," Del Toro says. "So I thought it would be a perfect time to do it!"

In order to achieve this color melt, Del Toro first prelightened her client's hair using balayage technique using verolight. 

Formula 1: 3/4 Color Intensity Ruby Red 1/4 Color Intensity Sapphire Blue
Formula 2: Color Intensity Red
Formula 3: Color Intensity Orange
Formula 4: Color Intensity Yellow

STEP 1: Del Toro applied formula 1 to the base, then melted formulas 2, 3 and 4, while briging alternating formulas lower and higher. 
STEP 2: Rised with cold water. 
STEP 3: Applied Joico Cuticle Sealer for five minutes, then rinsed. 
STEP 4: Applied conditioner, then rinsed with cold water again before drying and styling. 

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