Top Reasons For Tattoo Removal

It is reported that approximately 40% of Americans ages 18-29 sport "ink". Just look around any salon and you may think that number is higher!!!!

In a recent survey by Syneron-Candela, attitudes toward people with tattoos were overwhelmingly positive, being described as artistic and creative (50%), interesting (43%) and fashionable and cool (29%).
But some in that 40% have some "ink regret". According to the survey, 38% of respondents have had a tattoo removed or have one they would consider removing.

Top reasons for removal include:
1. Related to an ex-partner (64%)
2. Done as a joke or when drunk (50%)
3. Faded or blurred appearance (29%)
4. Badly done (27%)
5. Don’t like it anymore (27%)

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