Liquid Refreshment

Have you noticed some old school products, tools and techniques are making a comeback? Pincurls? Roller sets? Liquid color? When placed in the right hands, liquid color can create modern and fresh finishes on all hair types and textures. To celebrate the versatility of liquid color, Clairol Professional is relaunching its famed Liquicolor Permanente.


Modern Sombre

Model Sarah had a natural level-4 regrowth with faded, brassy color throughout the lengths and ends. She came to the casting looking for a cooler shade and an overall “cool” finish. Who better than Kiyah Wright, celebrity hairdresser and Clairol ambassador and the queen of “cool” to make that happen? Wright appreciates the ease of delivery of liquid color that allowed this transformation to take place quickly and efficiently. “Sometimes its just some tweaking that can make a big difference, and liquid color is great for the quick fix,” Wright says. “In this case it was a combination of balayage and proper formulation that made this color pop.”


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Textured Hair, With Ease

“Sometimes it’s good to keep things a bit complicated,” Wright says. “The thought, or fear, is that clients may try to recreate a simple color design at home. By placing different formulas on different areas of the hair, the client not only appreciates formulation, but professional application.”


Wright points out that heavily textured, thick dense hair requires heavy saturation. “Liquid color is particularly practical for saturation,” she says. “It’s quite efficient.” 


Model Ashley arrived with existing highlights on her natural level-5 hair looking for something more exciting. After an intense consultation, Ashley agreed that a striking red shade would better complement her skin tone and help in her modeling career.


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"Liquid color may have an old-school image, but today many colorists are using these classic products to create beautiful looks for their clients." —Kiyah Wright


Hair: Kiyah Wright for Clairol Professional

Assistants: Julie Cornejo, Veronica Arzio, Kenneth Collins and Caroline Kim

Photography: Roberto Ligresti

Makeup: Eric Allen

Fashion Styling: Alejandro Peraza

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