Ian Murphy, Bio Ionic senior vice president of sales and marketing
Ian Murphy, Bio Ionic senior vice president of sales and marketing

Award-winning hairdresser and salon owner, Fernando Romero, formed his company, Bio Ionic, after discovering the ability of natural negative ions to dramatically but gently change hair texture. Working with this technology of IonTransformation, Romero introduced Bio Ionic’s retexturizing system, NanoIonic styling tools and haircare products. This year, Bio Ionic has been celebrating and exposing a select group of hairdressers with their “My Story” multi-pronged marketing plan. MODERN SALON spoke with Bio Ionic Senior Vice President Sales and Marketing Ian Murphy about how they put together this campaign and how it is inspiring stylists.

MS: What kind of research have you done to inform the direction of your new “My Story” campaign?

IM: Before embarking on a new direction, it’s always important to know where your brand stands, how it’s received and what equity you own. A year ago, before the "My Story” campaign concept evolved, we surveyed over 6,000 hairdressers who kindly shared their thoughts. Getting closer to customers helped craft the future direction.

MS: How did you identify the creative artists who are featured?

IM: The criteria used was to identify a group of artistically talented individuals that had passion about styling hair –and those who enjoyed a significant social media following –and across various platforms of celebrity hair, runway, hair color and platform work. Above all, selecting talent that resonated with our customer base was fundamental in order for the campaign to be compelling. We were blessed to have such a brilliant array of stylists on board ranging from Johnny Wright (Michelle Obama’s hairdresser), to Hollywood style expert Robert Ramos and upcoming hair color sensation Rebecca Taylor.

MS: How does the “My Story” campaign tie-in with Bio Ionic’s mission?

IM: Style is number one when it comes to being the best in the tool category. When you compete on price it hurts us all. However, the “My Story” campaign allowed the superior performance of Bio Ionic tools to shine. Getting back to my old Redken roots of “Inspiration Through Education” was key to success, which is why we created technique videos for each artist that have been shared thought various digital platforms at BioIonic.com, ModernSalon.com and with our exclusive national salon distributor, SalonCentric. These amazing partners shared the content, helping motivate stylists, creative artists and students searching for inspiration. Almost 3,000 stylists have now posted their work on the Instagram #MyBigBreak, submitting their work for the Hollywood Style Awards next March, and a chance to win their very own photoshoot.

MS: What tools have you most recently launched?  And what do you have planned for 2016?

IM: When it comes to newness, we have a key understanding—only launch unique items, don’t duplicate. Our customers appreciate this approach. We don’t need 20 different versions of the same tool; that’s a lack of creativity and doesn’t contribute to our mission of inspiring stylists. The most recent Sugar Skull tool range was a great example of a unique animation –amazing creative that embraces the popular Latin “Day of the Dead” theme.  The new boar brushes provide control and shine for stylists looking for increased hair manageability and perhaps the most exciting new launch, the new Long Barrel Curling Irons, follow Fernando Romero’s creed of saving stylists time.  2016 is, of course, top secret, but we can expect to see Bio Ionic to become even more accessible to stylists with more options and new technology that entrench us as not just the performance leader but the style leader, also.

MS: Tell us something people don’t know about BioIonic, the brand:

IM: Bio Ionic was founded almost 20 years ago by President Fernando Romero when he discovered a magic ionic mineral in Japan that when adapted to professional hair tools out performed all other tools available. Fernando began with his ‘little red dryer’ and a paddle brush and sold out all of his samples at the first hair show he attended, New York International Beauty Show. That very same red dryer has been developed over time and is today known as the WhisperLight Professional Dryer.

MS: Final words:

IM: The outlook for stylists has never been better, with technology coming into our industry from the revolution in smart phones, now stylists can get into client’s homes, not just rely on them coming to the salons. The more we embrace technology to get closer to our customers, the faster we can share our creativity and secure out industry’s future.





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