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Fuel Hair's Fuel for Thought blog, is packed with articles and advice for stylists and colorists. Recently, they posted these "13 Things You Wish Your Clients Knew" and we just had to share! Just for fun, Fuel Hair put together this list. See if you agree!

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  1. Having realistic expectations about their hair and the ‘inspiration’ photos that they bring in is essential. You give can give them a celebrity hairstyle, but they have to put in the work to maintain it at home.
  2. Respect salon prices. You invest time and money into perfecting your craft and you charge for the quality.
  3. Getting to an appointment late can sometimes mess up the entire day’s schedule. Being on time is important to get the full experience, plus no one should be rushed. A hair appointment should be fun and not stressful!
  4. Overly damaged hair isn’t healthy, which means it should be cut off. Damaged hair won’t have a healthy bounce and can have a more difficult time holding texture and color.
  5. To maintain good posture and avoid crossing their legs, it’s essential during the cutting process.
  6. To keep their head still since cutting hair utilizes geometry.
  7. Avoid talking on their cell phone while in your chair.
  8. Pre-book their next appointment before they leave the salon to make sure they get the time that they want. You do this so they aren’t upset later when they try to call and schedule an appointment.
  9. Saying that they want to have more layers, but not realizing that keeping the length of their hair isn’t always an option.
  10. Guests should still get their hair trimmed or cut, even if their goal is to grow it out.
  11. Color does not lift color. It’s unrealistic to go from black to platinum blonde in one session.
  12. As a hairdresser, you don’t just “play” with hair. Not only is it a physically demanding career, but it’s also emotionally challenging.
  13. Take your product recommendations seriously. Purchasing products from a drugstore will not be as effective compared to what you can offer them into the salon. You want your clients to completely trust that you know what’s best for their hair.


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