Tweezerman started in 1980, thirty five years ago, with a single product, the Splintertweeze which was prized for its quality and precision. Tweezerman then set out to develop an eyebrow tweezer with the same precise performance standard and the Tweezerman Slant was born two years later and was an instant classic. Today, Tweezerman International, LLC is a wholly owned subsidiary of Zwilling J.A. Henckels AG. Tweezerman International continues to operate at its worldwide headquarters in Port Washington, New York.

MODERN SALON asked Christine Pascullo, Senior Director of Marketing at Tweezerman, to share an update on how the brand still aims to tweeze.

MS: Who was responsible for the original launch of the brand in 1980?

CP: Dal LaMagna was the founder of Tweezerman in 1980. He sold the company to Zwilling J.A. Henckels in December of 2004.

MS: Today, you have a wide range of products well beyond the original tweezers.  What area has seen the most growth?

CP: While our tweezer segment remains number-one for the brand, we have since had significant growth in our eyelash curler segment. We all have different eye shapes and need eyelash curler options that follow suit and after years of research and analysis, we have developed a new series of professional quality Lash Logic curlers. Our ProCurl and ProMaster curlers feature differently tailored radiuses that are curved to accommodate diverse eye shapes – almond and deep set or round and prominent.             

MS: Your products for men are relatively new.  What prompted entry into the men’s grooming arena? 

CP: Men need to groom, too! Today’s man does so much more grooming than just shaving. Having the right tools for men is absolutely essential. We have facial products, manicure and pedicure products, too.

MS: How did Tweezerman become so popular with the professional makeup artist? 

CP: We became popular with the professional because every good foundation for a client starts with quality, precision tools.  Due to our history, our brand is trusted amongst the professionals; they know that every time they pick up one of our products, it’s going to work well and get the job done in the best way.  Because of the success of our beauty tools, we introduced a line of makeup brushes called Brush iQ which offers exceptional quality.  They are made with synthetic fibers which feel like and perform better than natural hair cosmetic brush fibers.  Since launching the Brush iQ collection, Tweezerman now offers a complete, full range of professional quality beauty tools. Tweezerman is a ‘must-have’ in a makeup artists’ toolkit.

MS: Tell us about your Ambassador Program.

CP: The Tweezerman Ambassador Program is what we created for bloggers and vloggers with an influential following online. Upon sign up and approval of their application, we send a kit of Tweezerman’s award-winning products.  In exchange, we like to get their feedback on our products, whether it’s through their blog or videos.  We also invite Ambassadors to exclusive invite-only events throughout the year.  Working with key influencers and having user-generated content is essential to growing your fan base and pushing brand awareness.

The VIPPRO Program is what we created for celebrity makeup artists and celebrity nail technicians.  Upon sign up, we ask them to submit professional tear sheets of their work.  When their application is reviewed and accepted, we send them a Tweezerman Vinyl Case with our products.  We want to be their tool brand of choice while on set. We ask for their feedback on products, invite them to exclusive VIPPRO events and other exciting initiatives like creating video tutorials with us.

MS: How has social media impacted your business?

CP: We are able to provide another level of customer service.  It means presenting the brand in a more organic, personal way.  We are constantly trying to connect with our fans and find out what they like to see most from their beauty tool expert.   We have a wide variety of fans from professionals to consumers and we want to be able to engage with everyone, whether it’s sharing a funny eyebrow quote or presenting a new product launch.


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