Being booked solid is a good problem to have, but you’re also planning for your own holiday at home and perhaps extending yourself to charities. You’re stretched pretty thin, so turn it around before you snap!

Our December Challenge sponsor, Fromm, invites you to make a positive stretch this December by entering this month’s challenge, “I Stretched Myself.” Go to to tell us how you’re feeling physically or mentally stressed during the holidays and the body stretch (or other salon break or exercise) you’re doing to reduce the pressure. You’ll be automatically entered to win one of 31 Fromm Union Station Shears—one for each day in December.

“For hairdressers in particular, it’s important to take a break every two hours or so,” says Kate Mohan, Fromm’s director of marketing. “If you start feeling discomfort on any certain body part, take a step back and stretch it out, even if it’s for only a few minutes, and then get back into the swing of things! Stretching provides a relief of stress from any body parts that are feeling strained, increases your muscles’ range of motion and makes your body more flexible, which in turn will make it less likely to feel strained.”

Mohan also recommends standing on a rubber mat and periodically sitting on an adjustable stool. “Lightweight tools are very helpful,” she adds. “The lighter the tool, the less strain there is and the less pain in the long run.”

The 5.75-inch Union Station Shear, a $180 value, is made from superior Japanese surgical grade steel and hand-finished with a semi-convex edge for precision cutting. The ergonomic rotating thumb design aids in proper body positioning and reduces tension in the muscles and joints most used while cutting hair. “This helps fight everyday fatigue and health problems, which is so important for stylists,” Mohan says.

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