Station Break: Where Friends and Beauty Meet

Kathy Jager is a thirty-two year beauty industry veteran and author of

As The Chair Turns: Tips and Snips for a Promising Future.  Her focus is on “helping professionals develop, master and remain committed to the beauty industry by providing valuable leadership and interpersonal skills that go beyond the beauty school programs.”  A solo artist, her salon is Pro's 15110 Salon, “Where friends and beauty meet.”

 “I recently changed the tag line as well as the decor, as after 32 years in the beauty business I had a new feeling about my little but mighty salon,” Jager says. “The name Pro's is the first part of my maiden name, Provenzano, and the 15110 is part of my address. The tagline was added because as you continue the years in the beauty industry your career takes on new dimensions and this is what I feel my business is now about.”

THE VIBE: I wanted it to resonate with that feeling by creating a vintage cafe space that was comfortable and inviting for all ages of my clients. The salon station was built 17 years ago from a barter deal I had between me and a longtime client of mine. It was the one area I never changed because it is the perfect size as well as it is a reminder of how I got started. We painted and distressed it, to keep with the rest of the vintage feel.


  • To the right is a butterfly hook that signifies my journey as a stylist and it helps to hang our signature mirror.
  • Next to that is my Tool Box. A distressed case that I use to hold all my select working products.
  • Inside is a coffee mat with the vintage lady that says" I am only as strong as the coffee I drink and the Hairspray I use!"   We give one to all our clients when serving beverages. They LOVE IT! 
  • To the left is the corner where we place our menu and gift cards as well as our gigantic wine glass that is decorated for every holiday.  It is a highlight for them to see as we can get quite creative.
  • On the second shelf to the left you will see notice a chalk board sigh that say's "' People may forget what you did, but now how you made them feel!"  This was a gift from my new assistant after working in my salon she said this is what you do. Next to that is a picture of my inspiration, my mom in the vintage TV frame. She was the reason why I went to beauty school. She made being a hairdresser look like the best job in the world... and it is!  She taught me the best skill--Hairdressing is more about the people than it is about the art. I miss her deeply, she passed in April.
  • In the larger part of the shelf is a chair where I have my favorite picture of me and my two beautiful daughters.
  • Next to that is a book and a pen. I have had this guest book for years. It is a place where the clients can leave a note, a funny story of how I cut their hair uneven, or just expressing themselves in the joy they had coming. I know that in years to come it will be the best reminder of the real beauty of my beauty business.
  • Next to that is the" box" as all my clients refer to as they put their money in. I have had this since I started and now it is a staple in the salon.
  • Then there is the OTHER tool box where I have all my favorite selection of brushes and irons.
  • On the bottom left little shelf is a picture of my husband and me and, of course, my licenses.
  • Please look at the top of the mirror in-between the drop lighting. There you will see a sign that is the essence of the salon: “Enter as Strangers Leave as Friends!” This was given to me by 2 of my clients who wanted to contribute to the overall feeling of the salon and they said this is how they felt when they first came.

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