Newly Launched TIGI 24/7 Mobile Application

by Anne Moratto | December 4, 2015

TIGI Professional is excited to launch its TIGI 24/7 mobile application allowing hairdressers to access exclusive formulas, techniques, inspirations and more. The company worked with SixAgency to design and develop the native mobile application for iPhone and iPad, which will be officially be available for free download as of November 30, 2015. 

“TIGI’s ethos is founded on an unchanging belief in developing new concepts and sharing new ideas with hairdressers and students. We are constantly driving new trends and innovations with the main goal of making education and client services easier. With this new app, we can now continue to do just that via a device we know hairdressers and students are regularly using, ” says Elisa Fischer, General Manager TIGI Americas.

Utilizing technology to enhance creativity and the education experience, the TIGI 24/7 app will provide hairdressers with the tools and education they need to continue improving their techniques and client service skills. Interactive features include access to a complete library of color and cutting techniques with videos and step-­‐by-­‐steps, an advanced interactive drawing board, inspirational color mood boards, and the ability to make in-­‐app bookings for Academy courses.


The app user interface design is clear and unobtrusive with a user-­‐centric experience – featuring sharp angles and modern edges inspired by TIGI Founder & International Artistic Director Anthony Mascolo’s iconic ‘undercuts.’ 


Use the “Techniques” feature to experience both color and cutting step-­‐by-­‐step techniques and “how-­‐to” videos developed by the TIGI International Creative Team. 


Never before seen in a mobile application, the “Inspire” section features interactive color mood boards that are hand-­‐curated by the International Creative Team. Each board consists of inspirational images with a matching set of swatches to help create or inspire a color formula. Continue clicking through, and the app will provide TIGI Copyright©olour formula breakdowns based on your journey. 


The Drawing Board is a unique, advanced interactive tool allowing stylists and students to select specific head-­‐sheets, creating sectioning and applications for color and design cuts. Users can add a specific formula, special notes and save all work in their account, fostering creative and educational content that can be shared in and outside of the classroom, by students and experienced hairdressers alike.


Prospective students can use the “Academy” tab to conveniently research and sign up for upcoming TIGI education classes located at the NYC TIGI Academy as well as the Dallas TIGI Learning Lab.


In addition to setting up an account profile and preferred payment method, users can use the “Settings” section to keep track of all their registered courses, saved drawings, formulas, and more.


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