Compassionate Eye Foundation/Dean Sanderson for Getty Images
Compassionate Eye Foundation/Dean Sanderson for Getty Images

Putting a little thought into your wellness will maximize the chance that you’ll be safe and healthy as you travel during the holiday season. Tina Aldatz, chief executive officer of Savvy Travelers, shares tips to avoid getting sick, hurt or stressed out:

  • Pack smart. Keep toiletries simple, and don’t take more than you’ll need—try to mix and match clothes for multiple uses. Consider shipping home any purchases you make on your trip so you won’t have to carry them back. When packing your carry-on, remember that your vacation starts when you board the plane. “Indulge in some decadent chocolate, and buy a glass of red wine,” Aldratz suggests. “Then relax with great music or an inspiring book. Cozy up in a luxurious wrap and noise-canceling headphones; you can even bring some socks to keep your feet warm. Wipe off your makeup, and slather on a rich moisturizer for hands and face, plus a good lip balm, so you arrive fabulously!”
  • Stay clean. Germs abound when traveling, especially on an airplane or cruise ship. Consider carrying sanitizing sheets to wipe your hands, counters, airplane trays and seats, hotel remote controls and other surfaces. To make it easy for you, several different Savvy Travelers kits are available on the Savvy Travelers website and at
  • Leave early. With so many people traveling during the holidays, you’ll want to schedule in extra time to avoid feeling stressed by a time crunch. Rushing through a security line and worrying about making the flight is a lot more stressful than sitting a little longer at the gate waiting for the call to board.


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