TRANSFORMATION: Golden Box To Dimensional Ash Blonde

Alisha Jared (@alishajaredhairartistry) from Siren Salon in Vancouver says "My client came in unhappy with her existing color.  She had highlights that ended up too golden and decided to turn to box blonde to remedy them. Equally unhappy, she decided to come in and see if we could achieve a more natural look for her." According to Jared, her initial desire was for a balayage sombre look. "But with the length of her hair we decided to go with more of a low maintenance balayaged/hair painted look until her hair is grown out enough to achieve her desired look."

Here Jared shares the HOW TO: 

Formula A:  6N+6A Joico Vero = 10 vol Veroxide 

Formula B:  Wella Blondor + 20 vol Veroxide 

Step 1:  Section into 4 quadrants and apply Formula A to regrowth.  Go back through with a wide tooth comb and drag color down to smudge and blur the line of demarcation. 

Step 2: Starting at the front take 1" sub-section and balayage in deep V sections, being careful with light and dark placement.  

Step 3:  Split every other subsection in half and baby light one half with Formula A and the other half with Formula B. Separate sections using Embee Meche.

Step 4: Rinse, and shampoo with Pureology Strength Cure.

Step 5: Tone from roots to ends with Joico Chrome N9+V9 = Chrome Activator until desired tone is achieved. Rinse and condition. 

Style with Davines MoMo potion (a sea salt spray) and blow out to achieve lots of fullness and volume.  

"We evened out her cut and are hoping to grow her hair out into a lob before moving on to our final, desired result.  My client was astonished at how a color can compliment a cut when done correctly."

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