Katie Nielsen, Scruples Design Team member, demonstrated cutting and styling techniques from the new Scruples collections set to launch in 2016 during her Collection Cut and Style presentation at Scruples Symposium. The name of the game for the collections was texture and reinventing texture trends of past decades.

“We’re making references to the ‘80s, we’re not reliving the ‘80s,” Nielsen says. “Styles have changed and evolved because products and technology has improved.”

She elaborated that because of the flexibility and elasticity products allow, a fringy, textured cut that was done in the ‘80s looks more modern now simply due to better products than the few hairsprays and couple of mousse formulas available back then.

One of the styles that Nielsen cut on stage encompassed a round shape and long layers to create a soft, layered, rock n’ roll look. Nielsen is inspired by music when she creates styles, and for this one, she imagined styling a modern Robert Plant. The best part? This is something that looks just as good straight as it does textured, meaning a range of versatility for clients that don’t want to ditch their long locks.

“Long haired people always want something to change, but they don’t want too much change,” she says.

When cutting, Nielsen offered some must-do tips to fellow stylists in attendance.

  • Make sure to check your work once it’s dry to make touch ups. For a textured, layered look like the one she demonstrated, when the hair is dry is when you can go back in to fix fringe and the top layers with texture blades.
  • While cutting, keep your arms from being overhead as much as possible (your back will thank you when you’re older).
  • When cutting fringe, start on the longer side and work your way up without elevation.

To style long, layered and wispy styles, Nilsen loves to use Texture Fix by Scruples, a sea salt spray and gel formula that gives volume and definition to the cut. 

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