My Top 5 Skin-Saving Tips

My TOP FIVE skin saving tips:


My number one skin secret to combat dry skin is to pre-cleanse. Heralding from the skin savior land of Korea, pre-cleansing products are hitting the shelves of salons and stores everywhere.  How to use? Most are oil-based and are massaged into the face to loosen tough makeup and sunscreens as well as to add extra moisturizing benefits.  Once removed, follow with your usual cleanser.   Try Dermalogica Precleanse 


If I need to get a sandpapered skinned model on set in a hurry, I reach for yet another newcomer to the beauty world - hydrating facial sprays.  Loaded with humectants, vitamins  and Hyaluronic Acid, these wonder sprays give an instant boost of moisture to plump the skin for an instant glow.  How to use?  The sprays can be used on their own, but I prefer to spritz the skin and combine the mist with a rich moisturizer to seal in the hydrating effects.   I love Derma E’s Hydrating Mist with Hyaluronic Acid. 


For serious dry skin, I love to use sheet masks.  These thin gauzy facial masks - that look like something out of horror film - are loaded  with concentrated doses of anti-oxidants, aloe, humectants and other skin saving ingredients.  Lay back for 20 minutes and let the mask do it’s moisturizing magic by infusing the product into your skin while you relax.  Trust me, these do work.  Models and celebrities (and me) swear by the amazing moisturizing Tonymoly sheet masks.


Lips often shrink up as well as crack and peel in harsh weather.  It’s important to always keep your pucker moisturized.  I like Aveda’s Lip Saver lip balm.  Not only is it loaded with natural waxes that seal in moisture, the cinnamon and clove gives your breath a quick pick-me-up.  While lips are  chapped and bruised, try to avoid reds or other dark colors that will only enhance the cracking and discoloration - try a shimmering nude gloss to add moisture and mask sore discolored lips.


Hands and nails need extra care in winter months, too. Nothing says old more than dry hands - why do you think Madonna is always wearing gloves?    The quickest way to restore moisture to dry digits is to rub a rich cream or oil into the nail beds and hands  before bedtime.  Next, put on a pair of cotton gloves to seal in the moisture. When you wakeup, your hands will be baby soft.  Try Moroccan Oil Hand Cream.



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