FORMULA: Trix Aren't Just For Kids


"Brittany has been my muse for almost 6 years now," says Alicia McLaughlin, AKA Lish Mac (@thehairstylish). "She is game for anything! Last April we took her to purple from black. It took 13 hours but it was worth it. In November we decided to get crazy and add Pravana's Magenta and Orange to her extensions but still kept her natural hair Purple. I think this sparked something inside Brittany. She approached me about two weeks ago and asked if we could make her a rainbow! I got so excited!"

Here she shares the HOW TO:

STEP 1: Prep hair using Malibu's DDL and 20 volume under medium heat for 40 minutes.

STEP 2: Balayage using the "Herringbone Technique" from Shannon Keel using Guy Tang's Pravana Pure Enlightenment. Process without heat for about 50 minutes. Shampoo and blow dry.

STEP 3: From top to bottom, apply Pravana 1/3 Magenta and 2/3 Wild Orchid at the root, and alternate Neon Green, Orange, Neon Yellow, Magenta, 1/3 Blue 2/3 Neon Blue, and Violet through the ends.

"When I rinsed her I decided I didn't like the pink tone at her roots. She didn't either!"

STEP 4: Re-apply Pravana Violet on her roots only. "It worked out much better!"

STEP 5: Apply color to Hot Heads hair extensions, using the same color palette. Once dry, add to the hair, curl and cut.

"This is the result! I couldn't be happier. I called it TRIX after my favorite childhood cereal."


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