Get the Formula: Khloe Kardashian's Bombshell Blonde

by Lauren Quick | February 19, 2016
 Instagram @khloekardashian
Instagram @khloekardashian

Redken Celebrity Colorist Tracey Cunningham wants you to help your clients switch up their haircolor for spring and summer—just as they do with their wardrobes and makeup. 

For 2016, Cunningham predicts brunettes will take the leap to blonde, lightened ends will brighten up complexions and rich, all-over color is the answer to all the current highlighting trends.

When talking about major brunette-to-blonde transformations, Cunningham cites Khloe Kardashian as a prime example.

"Khloe Kardashian has created a domino effect of brunettes wanting to go lighter," Cunningham says. "It has made people realize that it can be done and look beautiful and healthy, but it's also important to realize that it is a process that requires maintenance both in the salon and at home.

"With Khloe, I used Redken Flash Lift over the course of at least three appointments to slowly bring her blonde in stages. Using Redken Shades EQ Gloss as a glaze helped me to make her color shine and create a natural and healthy radiance."

Get the color: Khloe Kardashian's Bombshell Blonde

Natural level 6 dark blonde with existing highlights

Highlight formula
1 scoop Flash Lift Maximum Power Lightening Powder
1 oz. 30 vol. Pro-oxide Cream Developer

Glaze formula 1 - Zone 1 (hairline only to create shadow effect)
2 oz. 07N Mirage Shades EQ Gloss
1 oz. 07NB Chestnut Shades EQ Gloss
2 oz. Shades EQ Processing Solution

Glaze formula 2 - Zone 1 (also use globally for any toning necessary)
1/2-oz. 09N Cafe au Lait Shades EQ Gloss
1/2-oz. 09NB Irish Creme Shades EQ Gloss
1 oz. 000 Shades EQ Gloss
2 oz. Shades EQ Processing Solution

Balayage formula - Zone 3
1 scoop Blonde Idol Free Hand Creamy Lightener
1-1/2-oz. 40 vol. Pro-oxide Cream Developer

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