Arrojo Exposé offers an evening of inspiration with Nick Arrojo and the Arrojo Artistic Team. After a sold-out show in Philadelphia, their next stop is their hometown, New York, where the team is teaching at Texture Summit, which offers a variety of bite-size classes for professionals looking to hop off the beaten path during a trip to New York for the hair show.

“We released Cosmic-POP, a mash-up of bright colors and bold textures, at the end of 2015 because we believe 2016 is the year that the texture trends that are bubbling under the surface will emerge in the mainstream,” says Nick Arrojo. “We also announced our first-ever Texture Summit, so our peers could learn, practice, and master the trends we see. When we saw texture ruling the runways at New York Fashion Week, we felt delighted, and vindicated. The summit will help stylists enjoy working with texture; we are showing people how to maximize the beauty and suitability of wave and curl patterns.”

Exposé NYC focuses on modern texture trends. The event takes place Sunday, March 6 at 6 p.m. in the Theater at Arrojo TriBeCa. Tickets are $50 and include complimentary drinks. Tickets can be purchased here.

On Monday March 7, there are hands-on classes for stylists who want to learn from Arrojo's world-renowned approach to texture. Hands-on Texture Summit classes are as follows.




All classes run from 10-4 p.m. on Mar. 7. Call 212-242-7786 X 217 to book.

After the classes, the Texture Summit wraps with a very special Happy Mondays. Starring Nick Arrojo, DJ Muldoon (The Factory), and Stephen Adams (Moxie) demonstrating a contemporary approach to cutting curly hair, this is going to be high-minded look at how to create textures that are as fashionable as they are wearable.

Tickets to the Happy Mondays are $25 and must be purchased in advance from Arrojo. They are available online.

For more information on Arrojo Exposé, the Texture Summit, or any element of Arrojo, please contact Andrew at: Or call: 212-242-7786 ext: 204.

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