In a sprawling family with a legacy of innovative styling, Joshua Mascolo is making a name for himself.

The name “Mascolo” is a highly respected one in the beauty industry. Being the son of an internationally renowned hairstyling icon sounds like a lot of pressure, but Joshua Mascolo is taking it all in stride.


At 19, Mascolo—whose father is Anthony—is already presenting onstage with his family as the TIGI Academy assistant.


“I think growing up around hair made me love the industry from a very young age,” Mascolo says. “When I came home from school, my dad would often be doing photoshoots in his studio, and I’d hang around to watch. You can’t help but learn something in that environment.”


Mascolo says he was eight years old when he started to take notice of hair and what his dad was up to. He also learned a lot from his mother, Pat, who is also a stylist.


Attendees at TIGI World Release 2015 might have spotted Mascolo during hair demos onstage, and his presence and self-assuredness is something many 19-year-olds haven’t yet mastered. His Instagram bio echoes that confidence: “Work ’til your idols become your rivals.” There’s one idol we don’t see Mascolo butting heads with any time soon.


“First and foremost, my biggest inspiration is my dad,” Mascolo says.


Although he is packing in experience in his current role with the TIGI Academy in London, Mascolo already has his sights set on the next big thing.


“As far as milestones go, I’ve been working as an assistant in the TIGI Academy in London since completing my beginner’s course, and I hope to be promoted to become a teacher soon,” he says. “It’s a real goal to start educating hairdressers.”


Joshua Mascolo with his father, Anthony (middle), and cousin Zak Mascolo (right) backstage at TIGI World Release 2015.


Beauty Bio

Name: Joshua Mascolo

Age: 19

Instagram: @joshuamascoloprofessional

Graduated from: Toni&Guy Academy London

Fave product for his hair: TIGI Bed Head Hard to Get

Biggest "oops" with a client: “I cut a curly girl’s hair too short. Crisis averted by taking the time to show her how to use products and style properly. She left happy.”

Up next: “I’d like to see the perception of the hairdressing industry grow and continue to gain respect as an important profession on a parallel with fashion.”


Mascolo presents his model at TIGI One Love 2016 in Cancun, Mexico.



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