Alexa Chung, Jourdan Dunn, Emma Stone, Sienna Miller, Jessica Alba—the list goes on and on of the celebs that have had short textured bobs. Most have been on straighter hair and styled to have a casual wave, but what about all those clients that want to rock a sassy bob with natural textured hair? 

Ruth Rocheartistic ambassador for Pureology Serious Colour Care, gives a tutorial on how to cut a short, natural-textured bob:

“Short, textured bobs are always on trend because they have a classic shape and length that compliment most face shapes," Roche says. "On natural textured clients, they are even better because they can be cut to have the trendy texture already build in!” 

Roche uses a razor to create disconnected soft layers to promote natural wave, texture and movement, and then finishes by cutting chunkier pieces in with shears to offset the softer razored ends.

Ruth Roche's top five tips for cutting a soft, naturally textured bob:

  1. Use larger sections to create chunkiness and texture.
  2. Make sure the nape sits close to the skin.
  3. Surface cut the perimeter to create volume and softness by cutting little bits of hair here and there.
  4. Use a weave technique with the razor below the surface hair and angled back to cut the hair behind the razor to remove weight while keeping the surface and perimeter in tact.
  5. A slide-cutting technique is used in the top/crown area to create texture and length at the same time.

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