What's the difference between a men's clipper cut and a ladies' clipper cut? "The techniques are the same, you just have to think differently," says Wahl Education and Artistic Team (W. E.A.T) member Amy Nicole Garner who taught "The She Fade" at America's Beauty Show in Chicago.

"Don't let your clients go somewhere else because you aren't confident you can do the work," she says. In this class, attendees learned a few easy tips and techniques on how to approach a short hair women's haircut.

MODERN captured some video of Garner showing how to execute "The She Fade" from the back and the sides. Watch the video and learn some of the techniques!


Garner takes out sub-sections of hair in the back of the head using a “C” shaped motion with her clipper.  Here she shows how to create a “stacking” look with the hair.

"Some people ask me if I am solely clippers in my salon and I do whatever the client’s hair tells me I should do," she says. "Sometimes it’s clippers and sometimes it’s my razor blade. It kind of depends on what kind of shape I want and the length I am trying to get to."



Here, Garner continues taking out sub-sections using a “C” shaped motion with her clipper.

TIP: “Clipper blades can only take so much. How often should you be oiling your clipper blades? After every use. It helps with the longevity of your clipper blade.”


Garner shows you how a Wahl clipper comb helps you with the clipper-over-comb technique.

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