Crystal Casey (@CryistalChaos) of High Voltage Hair, Virginia Beach,VA, says "This client originally came to me wanting to be that perfect natural, light red head - otherwise known as the ginger color. We easily achieved that, but even on her first visit to my chair she was struck by the model on the cover the Paul Mitchell Color XG swatch book. She recently moved to Chicago, so on her last visit to me she was all in and said 'let's go for it!' Using Paul Mitchell's own formula tweaked to suit her current canvas, we were able to give her an amazingly stunning and personalized version of that look."

Here Casey shares the HOW TO, using all PAUL MITCHELL COLOR XG:


Color 1- Equal parts 5RO & Clear (to make a 6) with 1 inch of red intensifier and .5 inch of orange intensifier with 10 volume.

Color 2- 8C with .5 inch orange intensifier with 10 volume

Color 3- 8 WB & 10WB with 15 volume (to bump her roots) 

SECTIONING: Pyramid Colors Sectioning. Hair was sectioned into 4 triangle sections. 

  1. Back section is the largest. Make a vertical diagonal part towards the ear on each side, making a point at the occipital bone. Place color 1 here. 
  2. From that point make a large triangle on the top of the head starting from the point at the occipital bone and moving horizontally forward towards the temples. This will later be divided into 5 smaller sections horizontal to the temple area. Start with color 3 and alternate all 3 formulas. ("Your sections can be as small or as large as you'd like.")
  3. The two sections on the side above the ears should be left to look like two smaller triangles. ("For someone with a lot of hair you could make two smaller triangles within those.") Place color 2 in this section. 
  4. Process for 35 minutes and wash in tepid water. Rinse conditioner in cool water. 

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