Celebrity Stylist Giannandrea of Macadamia Professional sat down with MODERN SALON to show the new campaign that he styled. He explained how 2016 moved past just long, glamorous hair like 2015 focused on and has come to embrace individuality and breaking the mold. 

“For advertising, you have to break barriers, you have to go to the brink a little bit," Giannandrea says. "We still do a lot of beautiful shine and choppy bangs and straight lines, but we’re also working with beautiful Macadamia Professional [styles] like taming curls…the hair has to be alive...There is a sense of ‘new glam’ coming out in fashion and hair. You feel it. I don’t just feel it, I want to propose it to the consumer."

This idea is making its way into editorial hair, celebrities and beyond. Giannandrea is loving this movement of what he calls "embracing an individualistic culture", becoming inspired by it for his cuts and styles. 

Between fearlessness in styles and the popularity of creative color (that he predicts will continue to jump from our Instagram feeds and flow more into mainstream designs), Giannandrea believes that right now, a sort of reemergence of the 1980s is occurringa cultural rebellion in which he is celebrating. 

 “To me, it’s always about rebelling and breaking the mold and thinking of new things," he says. "The 'now' [current] generation is taking all the fun stuff that happened in the past 30 or 40 years and just splashing it all back out into our faces. And I love that..it means there are more things in the making that are going to be different types of looks, edgier…more razor cuts, more rock n’ roll, shaggy, choppy bangs, and still beautiful long hair as well.

"It’s got to be fun, hair is fun. Hair is not about being conservative. I didn’t become a hairstylist because it was conservative."

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