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All month, you’ve been entering the March Healthy Hairdresser Challenge and telling us “what moves you” to get moving both inside the salon and outside the salon so you stay healthy and fit! If you haven’t entered yet, you have until the end of the month—click here! You will be eligible to win one of 10 Healthy Hairdresser Gift Bags.


Check out the great ideas supplied by some of our participants for firing up a little motivation.


Inside the Salon

  • I will walk up/down stairs to get lunch and eat healthy. Drink water! I will use my leg muscles when lifting or bending down. I will stand up straight while working behind the chair and use the hydraulic lift to my advantage.—Maria G.
  • Dancing in the salon between going from the shampoo area and the cutting area!—Lisa M.
  • Putting an exercise bike in my break room so when I have a minute I can at least go do that while checking messages and taking a break—Kristin W.
  • In between clients, I will do squats holding onto the back of a chair, arm curls holding full bottles and leg lifts sitting in the shampoo chair.—Carrie S.
  • I will lunge-walk my dirty towels to the washer and lunge-walk them to their designated space once they’re finished. I pledge to take the farthest route when walking anywhere in the building and to my car.—Ashley L.
  • I pledge to do laps around the salon during my slower time. Since it is a smaller salon I should be able to get in several laps! I’ll also take out the garbage. We have a long hallway to get to the dumpster, so I usually ask an assistant to take it out, but I pledge to do it more often myself.—Joy G.

Outside the Salon

  • Instead of hitting the DVR after work, I will plan to go to a yoga class with a friend four times a week. This type of activity will work for me better than a traditional workout, because PM yoga is ideal for calming down and stretching after the day. I know once I see the results of relaxation I will stick with it. If I waver, I will work in a reward for myself, like an evening tea run or a new yoga mat.—Kaylen S.
  • On Saturdays and Sundays I ride my mountain bike with my 12-year-old son. The time of day varies, but we always do at least three miles, which is three complete rounds of our neighborhood.—Christine P.
  • I will walk on my treadmill at night while watching my favorite TV shows. I have a treadmill just sitting there waiting for me to walk on it! To motivate myself I will reward myself once a week with something I really would really like to have.—Cindy R.
  • I’ll park my car farther away from our salon entrance and after work attend my senior fitness class, jump on my mini-trampoline more!—Christine S.
  • I have a membership at LA Fitness, and three days a week, before I start my workday, I will use the stair master machine for 20 minutes and take a one-hour spin class for cardio and to improve leg circulation. What motivates me to stick to it is the fact that I can do it before my day starts and get it out the way so it doesn't interfere with my work schedule.—Delfanita W.
  • In late afternoon, instead of picking up the kids in the car, I can walk to the bus stop and meet the kids and we can walk home.—Andrea Day





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