MODERN SALON Blogger Patrick McIvor
MODERN SALON Blogger Patrick McIvor

For many artists and educators the question of “how can I get the opportunity to travel, teach and share my work” seems like a question without answers. But now, I am sharing my Secrets to Success in our two-day class So, You Want To Be An Artist with tips, ideas and formulas that many artists you know have already learned and use in classes that I have taught in the past.

In the past however, when I have been sharing the ideas with top teams it was in classrooms, behind closed doors, and exclusively with teams I have been associated with. Now that has changed, and for the first time this class is open to any artist or educator that is looking to create the success and opportunities they want.

The insights I share, allowed me to create my own success including opportunities like teaching abroad at Mahogany in England at 23; in Germany at 24 and having the position of National Technical Training Manager for Wella North America at 26.

As a Global Artist for Redken and Exchange Facilitator for nine years, in addition to holding positions as Artistic Director for Matrix, Goldwell and KMS California, I have had more than a lifetime of amazing experiences traveling the world, meeting amazing people and doing things that were truly unimaginable when I was a beauty school student and even a young educator. 

But my secrets of success are not by accident, and as doors opened up and ladders of opportunities presented themselves, I have been very fortunate to avoid the pitfalls and mistakes so many artists succumb to and I climbed to the top. 

My tips, insights and ideas have helped create success not only for me but also for many artists and educators who are now at the top of our industry. Though luck is always needed, I was always prepared for it to happen, and like the old saying goes, “I always seem to get luckier the harder I worked” and by working smarter it can happen even faster.

Many artists and educators realize, as Bruce Springsteen said in my brother-in-law’s Oscar winning movie 20 Feet From Stardom, that it can be a long walk from the back of the stage to the front of the stage. But it doesn't have to be.

Many times the biggest challenge for an artist, no matter hair or music, is either the problems they create that are keeping success from happening, or not doing the things needed at that time to create success.

There is also the truth that all good marriages have the same things in common and all bad marriages have lots of different problems. Success for artists/educators is much the same and is not a mistake. You can plan for success, if not, failure can and often does happen. 

So knowing these things, I have put together a two-day class that focuses on how to create success while also offering formulas, solutions and strategies to avoid the three most common mistakes a good or even great artist or educator makes that can cause their failure. 

The class will include success calculators that help avoid financial failures, including credit card management, where to invest your money to succeed as an artist first, and then next as you grow, to saving for taxes and rewarding yourself. 

Artists and educators will learn how to avoid burn-out through personal management skills, tips, tricks and ideas, including using data visualization for managing schedules, knowing where to grow and achieve the balance they are looking for.

In addition, understanding how to “Brand Yourself as an Artist or Educator” so people want to hire YOU not just someone who can teach color or cutting, styling or products, they want YOU to teach them. 

In this class, you will also learn how to get “there” from wanting to be a top local and/or Regional artist/educator to becoming a National or International artist that not only has the opportunity to travel, but also has salon professionals hopping on planes and staying in hotels because you are the person teaching and sharing ideas on stages and in classes. 

So, You Want To Be An Artist? This class is recommended for someone who is already a part of an Artistic or Educational Team and is looking to get from backstage to on-stage and wants to take control of their life and making success happen.

Don't miss this opportunity May 1st & 2nd, 2016, class size is very limited. 

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