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Thanks for a great inspirational Healthy Hairdresser email from Carly LaManna, colorist at Planet Salon in Los Angeles, who writes:


“Beauty shines from within… Be the change you want to see… To thine own self be true...” I know—cliché, right? But expressions like these are overused for good reason—they’re true. It is my hope that by sharing my journey, it will help motivate my fellow industry colleagues.


Moving to LA from Miami wasn’t an easy transition for a hairdresser/colorist. Luckily, I was fortunate enough to find a great job at Planet Salon as an assistant, but I’m sure many of you know it isn’t an easy job. Even though I was thrilled starting the next chapter of my career in LA, it was stressful for me. I had problematic skin, which was something I had never dealt with. Suddenly I was insecure when I was interacting with my clients, which is crucial in building business relationships. I soon began to let go of my healthy eating habits and even stopped going to the gym. Not only was it damaging to my self-esteem, but it also was affecting my work. I decided I wanted to do something about it.


I started at the catalyst: my skin. My mother put me in contact with a wonderful dermatologist, and I got myself back to the gym. I instantly fell in love with group fitness and being part of that team and the motivation of competitiveness. My best advice to anyone is to try everything until you find the workout you are most comfortable with.


I also started educating myself about nutrition. I strongly believe “you are what you eat.” The foods you eat either nourish you and give you energy or make you sluggish and unfocused. Food also affects your mood, pace and energy—all of which are necessary so your guests can have the best possible experience while at the salon with you. The fast pace of the salon doesn’t allow you to even have a chance to sit down to eat lunch sometimes, so an energizing breakfast and snacks throughout the day are vital, plus taking supplements can help keep you in balance. My daily go-to is JuicePlus, an affordable package of shakes and supplements. So far I have seen great results.


Once I started taking these steps, I could feel my confidence returning, and my business at the salon increased dramatically. Plus, I was finally able to make eye contact with my guests again during consultations and felt more strongly about my abilities as a hairdresser and colorist. Above all, I had more energy then ever!


Because of my experience and seeing how much my self-esteem was affecting my work, I have made fitness and nutrition my top priority. The professional beauty industry will always have daily stressors, but by investing in a routine that supports you through diet, nutrition and beyond, you have almost a guarantee that success will follow in whatever your endeavor may be!


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