Festival season is coming up fast! The longer, warmer days bring opportunities for music fanatics to cash in on multi-day passes to full days of outdoor concerts, and recently, what people wear and how they look for the occasion is becoming almost as important as the bands they'll see that day.

This is a great time for you to fill your book with creative color, blowouts that will last for days (showers and festivals are not typically associated with each other) and quick, braided styles.

Pravana took this annual opportunity to create some gorgeous color and styles that will stand out in the masses and last through long weekends.

Celeb stylist Danny Moon teamed up with beauty vlogger Brittany Balyn to give her rich, dynamic color inspired by colors of a fiery desert sunset. Rich blue, purple, soft pink, magenta, yellow and orange blend together for a statement-making colormelt.

Video, formulas and how-to below!


Formula 1: 30 g Pastels Blissful Blue + 10 g Locked-in Blue
Formula 2: 30 g Pastels Blissful Blue + 10 g Vivids Clear
Formula 3: 30 g Vivids Clear + 10 g Locked-In Purple + 10 g Pastels Blissful Blue
Formula 4: 30 g Vivids Clear + 10 g Locked-In Pink + 10 g Neons Orange
Formula 5: 30 g Locked-In Yellow + 10 g Locked-In Red
Formula 6: 20 g Vivids Yellow + 20 g Vivids Clear


STEP 1: Start with clean, dry, pre-lightened hair.

STEP 2: Apply Formula 1 to stitched-out strands in a square pattern around the top of the head.

STEP 3: Apply Formula 2 to the remaining base and longer ends of stitched-out strands.

STEP 4: Apply Formula 3 and blend into Formula 2.

STEP 5: Apply Formula 4 and blend.

STEP 6: Apply Formula 5 to the ends, leaving an inch or two out, and blend.

STEP 7: Alternate applying Formulas 5 and 6 through the remaining ends. Blend where the colors meet. 

STEP 8: For an extra pop of color, add Vivids Locked-In Pink to some strands. 

STEP 9: Process for 20-30 minutes at room temperature.

STEP 10: Rinse with cool water, then follow with Vivids Color Protect.

STEP 11: Style as desired.

Color: Danny Moon
Style: Kait Marie
Makeup, model: Brittany Balyn
​Fashion styling, direction: Caisa Airmet
Videography: Huck Hinshaw
​Support: Tierney Wickline


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