CEO of L’Anza Healing Haircare, David Berglass
CEO of L’Anza Healing Haircare, David Berglass

L’Anza Healing Haircare is an independent professional company that sells its care and color products in over 40 countries around the world. MODERN SALON asked L’Anza CEO David Berglass to talk about some of the latest launches and initiatives from L’Anza, a company which he describes as being “fast, flexible and partnership-oriented.”

MS: How would you define your company culture and your brand mission?

DB: B.I.G. - Believe. Inspire. Grow. We believe that stylists have the power to affect everyone they touch and we are inspired by them every day.  As a tribe, we strive to grow the finest salon professionals in the world.  Leading by example, we encourage everyone around us to believe in themselves, so they may inspire others to grow. 

 MS: What are your newest launches?

DB: Vibes Color is new direct dye color that was created for professional stylists. High-Impact Dye Technology ensures a small amount of color can go a long way in producing deep, full-bodied hues. Vibes also uses the power of our signature Flower Shield Complex and Keratin Healing System, which guarantee color longevity and amazing overall hair condition. Typically these types of dyes yield dull or dusty results but the healing actives in Vibes produce mirror- reflective results.  

MS: How do you reach the hairdresser?

DB: First and foremost, we believe in the personal touch, so our biggest single investment is in our field sales and education teams. We have over 50 L’Anza field sales people covering the country along with over 150 educators. We try our best to connect with all of our salons on a consistent basis. We have full support programs (promotions, education, sampling, merchandising, and loyalty programs) and we participate in over 60 shows and events per year across the U.S, as well as thousands of in-salon programs. The world is social now and we pride ourselves on being active on all the different social media networks. We also have an extensive website for stylists and consumers and a professional website for stylists, which has a lot of valuable education information.   

MS: Who are some of your top educators or artists representing the brand to the beauty world?

DB: We have three Creative Directors: Ammon Carver, Matt Swinney, Leah Freeman, as well as two Artistic Development Directors, Scott Sueper and Danny Felstad. We also have some talented and award-winning international artists around the globe.

MS: What is The Big Event?

DB: The B.I.G. Event is a global gathering of our sales and education teams from around the globe. It is now our largest education event ever. This year it will be held in Montego Bay, Jamaica, from November 6 to 8, at the Secrets Resort. It’s a terrific way to combine learning along with connecting with the L’Anza tribe from around the globe.

MS: Talk about “Beauty Is Free.”

DB: It is the name of our latest collection and our color, cutting and styling techniques for advanced education can be learned via the collection. It’s a perfect launching point for showcasing Vibes while displaying our creativity at the same time. This collection has the most linear and graphic color we have ever created. 

MS: What launches will we be seeing in 2016?

DB: We will launch Vibes during the first six months of 2016 and then we will be expanding the Vibes palette in the second half of the year. We are now planning a massive launch for the second half of the year of a new color protection system.




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