Modern Exclusive: An Interview with Cosmoprof North American Director Daniela Ciocan

by Anne Moratto | April 13, 2016
Cosmoprof North America Marketing Director, Daniela Ciocan
Cosmoprof North America Marketing Director, Daniela Ciocan

Cosmoprof North America Marketing Director, Daniela Ciocan, has been running this well-attended trade show in Las Vegas, NV for over 15 years. She has helped create a place for brands, media and consumers to network and share what’s new. In recent years, Ciocan has introduced innovative programs that spotlight specific themes or markets, including Discover Green, Discover Scent and Tones of Beauty. 

Another success, Beauty Pitch, is a beauty-centric competition that provides entrepreneurs from all sectors of the beauty industry a way to connect with qualified investors and the industry-at-large. Participating brands vie for a one-year mentorship with a high-profile judge, for funding and for the opportunity to be introduced to the decision-makers in the industry.

Cosmoprof North America will be held from July 23-26, 2016. MODERN SALON asked Ciocan about the relevance of trade shows in the digital age and where she looks for inspiration.

MS:  How many trade shows do you attend a year?  Where do you see the most innovative use of space, display, booth design, etc.?

DC: I attend about five trade shows a year, outside of our own. Each brings its own perspective to display and space management. Without being too biased, I think our show does a great job and there's a reason we are continuously awarded as a leading trade show.

I love going to fashion shows; MAGIC and Coterie do an outstanding job at capturing, through capsule presentations, the vibe and mood of a particular market niche. I think that what we have achieved with our specially-curated areas is unique to the industry.

Our team works together to create a total experience for our attendees: from brand selection and placement on the floor to layout and use of space to direct traffic flow and lastly, but most importantly, the decor elements used.

MS: In the digital age, when so much information can be found online, what is the benefit of the one-to-one format of an industry trade show?

DC: Nothing beats the personal face-to-face interaction and connection, plus in our business it’s all about seeing, touching and ultimately experiencing the product, all things you cannot do with technology. We are all inundated by emails and phone calls but the one-to-one format forces us to be present and retain what's being presented. It also reduces that chance for confusion or misunderstanding. Being 'lost in translation' is ever more prevalent in today digital age. Having a one-on-one dialogue gives both parties the opportunity to clarify points and adjust the conversation in real-time.

MS: You have introduced 'pop up' areas on the show floor with Tones of Beauty and Discover Beauty. What was your thinking and inspiration for this and what has been the response?

DC: Large international beauty exhibitions allow the industry at large the opportunity to see a lot of trends and ideas in a relatively short amount of time. The challenge, however, is how to put the spotlight and emphasis on specific key segments that you feel are relevant and allow attendees to quickly digest emerging trends. Creating special curated areas allows you to do precisely that and to showcase fresh ideas focusing on a specific market segment.

MS: How does it benefit both these exhibiting brands and the show attendees?

DC: For brands, it's a unique opportunity to stand out and be recognized in their respective categories. The additional promotion and select curation further ensures greater brand awareness. Attendees benefit from the fact they have a dedicated space to see the next up-and-coming brands in those markets.

MS: The Beauty Pitch format has been a terrific success. Why do you think people find it so compelling?

DC: Entrepreneurs have a natural competitive drive that helps them succeed. Putting their brands in an actual competition is appealing because it feeds on their inherent nature but also gives them the opportunity to have an immediate business boost. The chances to be seen and heard by celebrities, investors and press in one shot is also very appealing.




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