Eyelash Extension Trade Secrets Revealed + Speed up Your Application Time With This Technique!

What’s different about NovaLash’s American Volume technique? Each eyelash is carefully applied to your client’s lash line and customized to your client’s face.

Now is the time to take the next step in perfecting your current skills and learning new methods (like NovaLash’s American Volume), that will help grow your business.

Why take the Advanced American Volume Training class? Headed by NovaLash's Vice President of Global Education and lash artist Sophia Navarro,  you will learn tips on classic lashing, and her Multiple 3-length bonding technique for creating voluminous and luxurious lashes.

Training with Navarro will introduce you to the world of more than one extension per natural lash and she will share many of her trade secrets on how to speed up your application time, business tips, and the how-to of eye cosmetic applications that will enhance your work.

Who is eligible: All certified Lash Artists who have been applying full sets for at least six months and in 2 hours or less are eligible for this Advanced American Volume Training class.

Navarro will be touring the United States offering classes.

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What is the cost and what is included: The training is $1275 and includes:

  1. A step-by-step training manual including graphics to help you along the way. 
  2. All essential products and tools needed for use during the class.
  3. A complimentary lunch.
  4. 3 boxes of Volume Lashes, 1 High Speed Platinum Adhesive, and 1 sheet of under eye stickers.

*The class will begin at 10 a.m. and end at 6 p.m.

Remember to use #getcertified to show us your work!

What will you learn?

Certified lash stylists who want to grow their skills and their clientele enroll in eight-hour training sessions with NovaLash Vice President of Global Education Sophie Navarro. The owner of  Lash Co in Houston, TX,  Navarro has built a business and a career around creating lash looks that are both beautiful and believable. She will share her trade secrets on efficient, speedy application, as well as business-building tips and how-to enhance a service with cosmetics.

During the hands-on portion of the class, attendees will learn and then practice Navarro's American Volume application technique on both top and bottom lashes, on live models. Candied Lash application will be demonstrated as well as a detailed eyelash strip application technique.

Sophia's American Volume Seminar will consist of:

  • The Foundation Technique
  • Glove/ Easy Flaring Technique
  • Bottom Volume Lashes
  • Multiple 3 length bonding method
  • Customizing lashes to fit all eye shapes
  • 1-6 Step Speed Application Method
  • Proper Isolation techniques

Please Note: This will be a fast-paced class full of lots of information. In order to become proficient and fast using the American Volume Technique, will require you to practice, practice, practice after the class. Navarro will always be available for technical support!

Ready to enroll? Contact Kacey at 866-430-1261 or kacey@novalash.com. Seats are limited and are reserved on a “first come first served basis when payment is made.”

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