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When we think about all the things we need—or would like—to do to meet our goals, it can be overwhelming. But if we can focus or decide on one simple step or change—an easy, achievable, action to be healthier or more organized or whatever will make us feel better—and stick to it, the results can be strong and gratifying.

This month’s challenge encourages salon pros to choose and commit to “one simple thing” to take care of you throughout the month of May.

The first 100 to participate will receive a special Malibu Makeover Kit gift from sponsor Malibu C. Also, one lucky respondent will be selected by MODERN SALON editors to receive a full set of the Malibu C Professional Collection ($255 salon purchase value!) which will help you do “one simple thing every day” to help your clients prep and protect their hair. Includes backbar sizes and multi-packs of Crystal Gel Wellness Remedy, CPR Color Pigment Remover, DDL Direct Dye Lifter, Un-Do-Goo Shampoo, Miracle Repair Reconstructor, REHYDR8 Moisture Concentr8 Mixer, REHABILIT8 Protein Concentr8 Mixer and ILLUMIN8 Shine Concentr8 Mixer, all in new “Mali-blue” packaging!


First, choose your “one simple thing.” What’s an action you want to add to (or subtract from) your daily routine? Remember to keep it SIMPLE and achievable. This is not about the end goal or a fast change, but rather one EASY and positive step to help you in body, spirit or business. Examples range from waking up 15 minutes earlier to eating an extra fresh fruit or vegetable every afternoon, to writing one client thank you note every evening—whatever supports an area you want to improve, but can be accomplished quickly and consistently.

Then share your “one simple thing” with the Healthy Hairdresser community, in the spirit of encouraging others.

Step 1:  Go to between May 1-30, 2016

Step 2: Complete the ONE SIMPLE THING form.

Step 3: Provide your full contact info if you wish to be considered to win the gift of one of 100 Malibu C Makeover kits or the special Malibu C Professional Collection, courtesy of sponsor Malibu C and Healthy Hairdresser advocate Tom Porter, founder of Malibu C.


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