Has your client tried to go red before, but it never quite turned out the shade or tone she wanted? Getting your client to her ideal shade of red will keep her coming back for future visits with you! Here's a great example of a process that went true-to-tone.

Alisha Jared (@alishajaredhairartistry) from Siren Salon in Vancouver, WA says, "My client spends an immense amount of time caring for others, leaving little time for herself (or her hair). She's had previous unsuccessful attempts at going red and I knew I could get it right for her with a little patience and Olaplex!"

"The amount of shine and luminosity her hair had after the service was incredible - her hair truly was in better condition post lightening service."

1st Process:

STEP 1: Section into 4 quadrants.

STEP 2: Mix Wella Blondor + 40 vol + appropriate amount of Olaplex #1.  Starting in front, take 1/4" subsections and apply from 1" off scalp through ends. Process to desired level of lightness (in this case a level 6).

STEP 3:  Rinse. Apply Olaplex #2 and let sit for 10 minutes. Shampoo and condition with Pureology Strength Cure. 

STEP 4: Cut hair and rough dry.

2nd Process: 

Formula A:  Joico Lumishine 3RR + 10 vol Lumishine Creme Developer 1:1 

Formula B: Joico Lumishine 5RR + 10 vol Lumishine Creme Developer 1:1

STEP 1:  Section into four quadrants and apply Formula A to regrowth, pulling down as you move away from the face. Comb through hair with a wide tooth comb to diffuse any line of demarcation. 

STEP 2. Apply Formula B through ends. Comb from roots to ends with wide tooth comb to melt colors together and avoid harsh lines. Process for 30 minutes at room temperature. 

STEP 3: Rinse. Apply Joico Kpak Cuticle Sealer and let sit 3-5 minutes. Apply Joico Kpak Intense Hydrator and let sit for 3-5 minutes. 

STEP 4: Finish with Davines Your Hair Assistant Blow Dry Primer, Sam Villa blow dryer, Nume 32mm wand, Davines This is a Medium Hairspray and Davines This is a Shimmering Mist.


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