Adding a charging station allows you to help prospects while giving you another option for a custom branded component
Adding a charging station allows you to help prospects while giving you another option for a custom branded component

Your trade show exhibit is a total catch: It’s been there for you for years… traveling to different events week after week, living out of a suitcase, and putting on a great face in front of your potential new relationships at the shows. The two of you are inseparable but what good relationship doesn’t go through up’s and down’s? Every now and then, everybody needs a little extra TLC to re-ignite that spark.


Here are 7 ways to make your booth feel new again:


  1. Update your graphics: Perhaps your mission has changed or you’re launching a new line but haven’t budgeted for a whole new booth. Graphics are one of the biggest selling points and often the easiest to switch out. Remember, visitors walk by very quickly and may spend just a few seconds looking at your booth so your graphics must highlight your brand and distinguish you from competitors. Think of your graphics as billboard signs…you only have a few seconds to show off so make sure your graphics are clear and concise.


  1. Light it up: Creative lighting highlights your message, no doubt, but the real advantage here is being able to create a memorable atmosphere. Light box graphics, custom retail displays or simple LED’s can quickly take the booth from drab to fab. The key is to appeal to the attendee’s imagination. Everyone knows trade show booths are portable, but if you can create the illusion of a store set-up through effective lighting, that is a great way to tie in real-life aspects of your brand.


  1. Rev up your retail: For multiple retail sections, dress it up with an s-shape counter, curved arches or strip lighting under your counter. Mix & match counter top colors with your base color or add vibrant graphics to draw attention to the product. These modular options are endless and can be tailored to your needs for your different size space each show.


  1. Tech envy: A sure fire way to engage your visitors is by using interactive components. Showcase your social media presence on iPad stands or flat screen monitors to create digital currency with attendees. The more personal to the customer you make this experience, the better the impact, leaving a favorable impression of their visit.


  1. No signage is a bad sign: Whether it’s a full-size pop-up banner or mini pull-up banner, this is an easy way to advertise some new information and change your look with little effort. Don’t forget overhead banners if you’re looking for a game changer…not only do these give your brand an extra boost but they allow you to be found from the other side of the floor.


  1. An offer they can’t refuse: As the day progresses, attendees will be dying to charge their phones. Cell phones are being used for check-ins, networking, and emails on the go which results in rapid battery loss. Adding a charging station allows you to help prospects while giving you another option for a custom branded component


  1. Floor ‘Em: Much like your booth, the flooring isn’t just something to walk all over. Long gone are the days of exhibitors picking a simple carpet color. Now, trade show flooring is as highly designed as the exhibit itself, a blank canvas to further accentuate the brand. Whether you’re hiding cables under raised flooring or going for a slick look with laminate that has a slate finish, make sure it’s easy to install and comfortable to stand on…those two rules never go out of style.


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