Update: Vein Pain Gets Social Media Reactions
paolomartinezphotography for Getty Images

Last week’s Healthy Hairdresser report on leg veins resonated with MODERN SALON’s Facebook fans. It seems that a lot of you are suffering with varicose and spider veins. “Big and ugly” was how one hairdresser commenting on the post described her veins. Several people mentioned that their veins appeared while they were still in their 20s; one 25-year-old already had undergone surgery to remove them.

Insurance was mentioned as a hurdle to managing leg veins—even people who have health insurance are not necessarily covered for this treatment. Mats and support socks were cited as helpful in preventing veins from appearing or worsening. Attempting to make an employer accountable, one hairdresser wrote, “Our owner won’t buy us mats because they are ‘ugly.’ No, varicose veins are! Help your staff!”

One stylist who commented tried to put a positive spin on it. “I have been doing hair for 43 years, standing all day,” she wrote. “Yes, [the veins] are bad, but I wouldn't have traded a minute of my wonderful career. They just show me how strong I have been.”

If you have had success with any strategies to ease the appearance of veins or the pain caused by varicose veins, Healthy Hairdresser would like to share your solution. Email your story to rosanne.ullman@bobit.com and include a head shot if you’d like.


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