Venture into the World of VIBES Hair Color - You Can See and Feel the Difference.
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Venture into the World of VIBES Hair Color - You Can See and Feel the Difference.

Venture into the World of VIBES Hair color - You Can See and Feel the Difference.

MODERN SALON interviewed L’Anza's Healing Color Director Leah Freeman about the brand's exclusive VIBES Hair color line. We spill all of the details below!

MODERN SALON: What is VIBES Hair color in a nutshell?

LEAH FREEMAN: VIBES features a proprietary High-Impact Dye Technology that introduces a new generation of direct dyes, ensuring brilliant shine and vibrancy. VIBES also contains our Keratin Healing System and Flower Shield Complex, promising healthy hair and longer-lasting color. Our proprietary healing technology makes the hair feel amazing afterwards. We created colors that are rich and vibrant yet removable. It comes in 6 shades: Red 6-7 (Red/Red-Orange), Magenta 10 (Pale Yellow/Yellow), Violet 10 (Pale Yellow/Yellow), Blue 7 (Orange), Teal 8 (Yellow-Orange) and Clear, for dilution capabilities.

People using direct dye colors want their color to last, however, they also want to remove it too and try new looks. I say that ‘the entry has to be as easy as the exit.’ That's what we did with VIBES.

VIBES’ Viscosity is perfect – it adheres to the hair where you want it, which gives you more bang for your buck, and stretches the longevity of the color. You can use less of it and get more results! It’s a high-impact-scenario.

Not to mention, VIBES do not require developers. You can mix it directly from the tube, using a bowl and a brush. To achieve the purest most intense color, pre-lighten hair using L’Anza Healing Powder Decolorizer or L’Anza Healing Cream Decolorizer.

MS: How long does VIBES hair color last for? 
LF: Vibes will last approximately one month, depending on clients lifestyle. If you leave VIBES on the hair longer, you will get more impact, dimension and depth for your client. If you leave it on for a shorter period of time, you can achieve pastel looks. The beauty of vibes is that you can vary intensity and longevity as you wish.

MS: What was your role with the creation of VIBES? 
LF: I helped make sure we were choosing colors that were appropriate for launch. All of our colors carry a primary color to them so they can be intermixed with anything. We set it up this way because in the future, we will be creating concept shades, so check back with us this fall.

I also made sure the product L’Anza was creating would keep the integrity of the hair intact and that it provides an even distribution of color. Not all direct dyes will create an even finish – making sure that VIBES did that was very important to us as a brand.

Also, I helped us come up with the shades. We didn't want to be like every other line – VIBES fulfills the needs of the consumer, the needs of the hairdresser and the salon. Vibes is the ultimate professional direct dye system that satisfies the needs of stylist and clients at the same time.

MS: What makes VIBES different from other color brands?
LF: The high-shine result, surpasses all others available. In addition, the condition of the hair is amazing afterwards, so the shine of the hair is really just a reflection of its health. Also, the impact of our shades creates a deep vibrancy. The creaminess of the formula allows a little bit of color to go a long way!

MS: Why should hair colorists use VIBES in the salon? 
LF: Where L’Anza’s Healing Color corrects, enhances and complements the hair—VIBES does the same thing using direct dyes. It also keeps the integrity of the hair intact, which enhances longevity and creates high-impact results.

MS: Tell us about VIBES technology?
LF: Vibes uses a high-impact dye, producing reflective results while infusing our exclusive Keratin Healing System in each shade.

MS: What’s next for VIBES?
LF: We are launching two new shades – Yellow and Orange this September 2016. The Yellow and Orange will now allow for infinite mixing possibilities. We are so excited to empower our stylist to be creative, allowing them to be brave and make bold choices!

MS: What color trends do you predict we will see summer of 2016?
LF: Color banding—this technique creates feathering accents in the hair. Three or four bands go down the hair structure and then is glazed. It was a technique I originally explored in my salon, but I believe it will become a consumer trend, this Summer and Fall.

If you’re trying to get your clients to hop on the color banding trend, introduce it to them gradually. Add a few bands in the nap area, under the hair or give them an accent piece behind the ear.  

There is also a movement towards healthy, shiny hair. Dull hair has made its way out and clients are wanting anything that improves the integrity of their hair. We will definitely see an expansion of shine lines this summer.

Hot roots, where the base color is different than the ends of the hair is trending, too. Keep an eye out for that one!


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