Julie Vargas
Julie Vargas

Body, spirit and business are all linked, says Julie Vargas, senior director of career opportunities at Sport Clips, June’s Healthy Hairdresser sponsor.

“When I cut carbs, I made it a permanent way of living,” Vargas says. “I feel better, and my hair, skin and nails look better, which in turn has made me feel stronger about my work and overall life. It’s a synchronicity that takes place.”

What healthy food do you think tastes best? “I love vegetables; brussels sprouts are my favorite! You have to learn how to prepare them to bring out the best in their flavor.”

What’s your guilty pleasure? “From Dairy Queen, not just any Blizzard, a Heath Blizzard!”

What’s your worst health habit? “When I travel or get really busy, sometimes I skip workouts. I try not to go a whole week without working out.”

What’s your favorite exercise? I get bored easily, so I like to do circuit training with a variety of cardio plus weights.

What time of day do you exercise? “I work out in the evening. With kids and a new puppy, I find that mornings are too busy.”

What body position would you like to see hairdressers correct? “Posture. Bend at the knees, not at the back, and engage the core. A lot of stylists start having health problems when they lose control of their core.”

How do you pamper yourself? “The spa is my escape! I always find time to get in a manicure, pedicure and other pampering.”

Who has been your emotional rock? “Both of my sisters. I rely on each of them for different things.”

Who has been your health role model? “A woman who works at my fitness club has a family, works another job and still finds time to teach classes at the health club. She is my inspiration for life balance.”

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