Breanna Weinhold (@breebirds_hair) of Butterfly Loft Salon, Encino California, says her client first came to her with "bands of uneven blonde/yellow areas in her hair. She wanted to be one solid color of blonde with absolutely no yellow areas. I lightened all the yellow areas with Wella Blondor, 20 volume and Olaplex and used Blondor, 30 volume and Olaplex on the regrowth, from scalp to line of demarcation. I used to tone her with PM Shines 9BV. She uses purple shampoo at home once a week to maintain the brightness.  Because we have made and kept her such an evenly light level of blonde and her hair was in good healthy condition from always using Olaplex in her lightener, this pink color was not hard to accomplish! The canvas has to be even, with no yellow areas or else it won't turn out a pretty light pink color. She requested this pink color because she was going to a music festival the next day and wanted to have fun hair!"

Step 1: Heavy full foil weave (to break up harsh line of demarcation) using Wella Blondor + 30 volume developer and Olaplex. Process to pale yellow/level 12.

Step 2: Wash with clarifying shampoo and then tone with Wella Color Touch /86 and double 1.9 developer for 15 minutes. Rinse and lightly condition.

Step 3:  Dry hair completely then apply Orchid Joico Intensity color mixed with Wella Elements conditioner on about 2 inches of the root (mixing Ratio: 30g of conditioner + 1.5g of color).

Step 4: Mix Pink Joico Intensity Color with conditioner the same ratio used for Orchid and apply on the rest of dry hair. Process for 15 minutes and wash out.

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